kirby hit the screen doodle

Kirby Hit The Screen Doodle

Poyo! Check out this hilarious doodle gif of everyone’s favorite pink puffball, Kirby, getting smacked right into the screen! Looks like Kirby bit off a bit more than he could chew this time, and got sent flying by one of his many enemies. But don’t worry, Kirby’s a tough cookie (or should we say tough marshmallow?), and he’s already bouncing back for round two! With his adorable little face and endless appetite, Kirby is always up for a challenge, even if it means taking a hit or two. Plus, the animation on this gif is top-notch, capturing the whimsy and charm of Kirby’s. So let’s cheer on Kirby as he bounces back from defeat and shows his opponents what he’s made of! Poyo!

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