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Hi! Do you like video games? Of course, you do, otherwise, you wouldn’t come to this website with such eye-catching video games gifs for the New Tab. This collection is the special one. Because our team like computer games, we are trying to make this group as wide and as full as possible. So any user, young and old, strategy or shooters lover will find something interesting.

People have always loved to play games. Are you familiar with the sound of metal coins falling into the arcade video game machine? Yes, it was the ancestor of modern video games. Even now you can find such machines. You should try it. It’s rather different from the PC and Xbox experience. So what am I talking about…Oh! Video games become popular when computers and consoles had become cheaper and more accessible. Children and adults could spend all night long (nowadays nothing changed) to pass the level. Games became more complex and realistic over time. However, there are gamers and even...

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