gta respect doodle

GTA Respect + Doodle

Yo, what’s good, homies? Check out this sick doodle gif of the iconic “Respect” scene from GTA San Andreas! CJ is looking fresh in his green hoodie, busting out some serious dance moves to earn the respect of his gang. But even with all that swag, he still can’t avoid getting run over by a passing car! Guess that’s just part of the hustle, am I right? The animation on this gif is top-notch, perfectly capturing the gritty and humorous vibe of the GTA franchise. We’ve all been there, trying to impress our crew while dodging cars and cops in the streets. So let’s give it up for CJ and all the other gangsters out there hustlin’ for respect! Now let’s hop in a ride and cause some chaos in the city!

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