ghostbusters frozen empire doodle

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Doodle

🌟 Step into a world of paranormal adventure with Google’s electrifying Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire doodle! 💥 Join Callie Spengler, her team of Ghostbusters, and the mischievous ghost Melody in an epic battle against the demonic god Garraka. 👻Phoebe, discovers her hidden powers and forms an unlikely friendship with Melody, a ghost with a secret agenda. Together, they embark on a thrilling journey to save New York City from the icy grip of Garraka and his army of ghosts. ❄️ This aesthetic doodle is a tribute to friendship, courage, and the never-ending fight against darkness. Let the Ghostbusters doodle ignite your imagination and take you on a ghostly adventure like never before! 👻❄️

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