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Have you ever thought about Harry Potter’s companion or Grogu’s teacher role? Or maybe you’re looking for your destiny like Bruce or Evan Almighty? Yes? Then, we’re glad to show you our movies and TV cool gifs collection.

Television has become an integral part of our life. It’s like a magic box that can show everything you want, from fantasy worlds and creatures to the latest news. Sometimes it makes you cry, laugh, and even make you angry or upset. Humans can find all kinds of feelings on TV or in movies. Moreover, our aesthetic doodles are called to bring those favorable moments into your daily routine.

We all have different tastes, but there is something that unites us. One of such things is TV and movies. We all love Harry Potter, and it doesn’t matter which side you choose. The endless space of Star Wars is calling us, just like the secret Matrix code leads to insomnia… As a result, our team decided to create this cool doodles collection....

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