dota 2 night stalker doodle

Dota 2 Night Stalker Doodle

In this doodle gif, the Night Stalker is on the prowl! With his bat-like wings and sharp fangs, he’s the ultimate predator in Dota 2. But don’t let his menacing appearance fool you, deep down he’s just a big softie who loves a good prank.

He loves nothing more than sneaking up on his enemies in the middle of the night and giving them a good scare. With his ability to fly and his stealthy movements, he’s the perfect prankster.

So if you ever find yourself facing off against the Night Stalker, just remember to keep a close eye on your surroundings, or else you might end up being the butt of one of his jokes! And who knows, maybe he’ll even share some of his favorite pranks with you in between battles.

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