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Words worth seeing! It’s absolutely about these doodle gif texts. There are different styles for different users and moods. They are ready to beautify your new tab.
Did you know that cave painting considers to be the first doodles? Perhaps those waves and arrows mean “google it” or “awesome” in our ancestors’ language. Nevertheless, time was moving fast, and we came to the 17th century. Those days doodle was the synonym of a fool. However, it was only the beginning. Finally, in 1998 future Google founders accidentally created google doodle itself. Centuries changed the meaning, but not much. As a result, nowadays, doodles have become a part of psychology. Cause they promote creative thinking and help to calm down.
One day our crew decided to make an amazing collection of text doodles to customize your Google Page. We were inspired by trendy pop culture expressions and vintage typeface designs. All this will help you find the perfect phrase or word for your current mood.
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