Mix Collection

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Do you like experiments? Cause, we do!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mix a computer, a heart, and a cat, and spiced it all up with the craziest ideas you’ve ever seen? It will be our new mix doodles collection! It’s like a small treasure chest. There are cool doodles with cats, cars, aliens, and many other inexplicable things instead of diamonds and gold.

I just thought about mixing. It seems that people have been mixing something all the time. Initially, these were some plants that eventually became medicine. Then alchemists and magicians mixed magic with metals to create a philosopher’s stone. Then the scientists mixed the atoms and the man flew into space … And finally our team started mixing too.
We used brainstorming to gather many different ideas of aesthetic doodles that people like. Then we started to develop them. In the end, the result is in front of you. If you want something you don’t know what, our cool doodles collection is...

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