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One does not simply move through these cool gifs for your New Tab page. What can be better for a funny meme gifs collection, than a good meme as an introduction? We got your attention, so let’s move on.

Memes are everywhere – on TV, in the news, in advertisements, and in movies. There are even books and documentaries about memes. But let’s look back at the beginning of this cultural phenomenon.   

WARNING! History lesson ahead!) The word meme was presented in 1976 by British biologist Richard Dawkins. It means to imitate or copy. The first memes were more like caricatures or grotesque. Hold on, let’s skip some years of memes evolution and move to the Internet era. Have you seen the Baby Cha-Cha-Cha video? It was the first meme gif to go viral on the internet. This is how the funny (and sad) meme gifs era began. Nowadays, meme doodles have become a kind of international and multicultural language. 

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