FNF Collection

fnf dooles collection 2

Real love and music were always together. Sometimes the music helps to win the heart of the beloved and sometimes to experience difficult feelings. But not in our case. This FNF Collection of doodles rap music should help to earn the right for dating the Girlfriend. So, start the sound-check, prepare your rhythms, and we are starting.

Everything began when the young Boyfriend fell in love with his Girlfriend. He wanted to spend time with her, but his Girlfriend’s parents (Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest) were against such relations. And they set conditions for the Boyfriend. He should win in numerous rap battles before getting the right to date the Girlfriend. That takes the cake! By the way, all the mentioned characters and many others (mostly Boyfriend’s opponents) you can find among our fnf doodles from this collection. So, the Boyfriend accepted the challenge. Of course, because such beauty is waiting for him in the end. However, the path won’t be easy…

As far as you understand, it’s a kind...

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