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Hi! What would you say if we told you that you know and use one language more than you think? Yes, it’s true! It doesn’t matter where are you from and how many languages you know, one or ten. Ok, let’s open the cards because it’s not a magic show) The language we’re talking about is the international emoji language. 

Are you surprised? But it’s obvious – if you send a happy emoji gif smile to someone, who doesn’t speak your language, she or he will understand you. The same works with thousands of other emoji pictograms. For this purpose and not only this, we created this emoji doodles collection for the Google Chrome extension. But where do these logograms come from or do they exist forever, and there is an ancient papyrus with a heart or cursing emoji printed somewhere in Egypt.

There are two theories about the first emoji creation. The first claims, that in the late 1990s, a Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita created...

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