Animals Collection

animals dooles collection 2

What can be more amusing than a small puppy or kitten? Only the animals that are put into our new Animals Doodles collection. It doesn’t matter if you have a pet or not, everybody loves funny animals gif and uses them quite often. 

Animals are everywhere – on the ground, in the air (insects and birds), in the water (fishes and others)… everywhere. Almost the same situation with doodles, they surround us recently. So the cute animals’ doodles’ appearance was only a matter of time. The media, internet, and e-magazines are full of photos, anime, and cartoon animals gif. They are used in animation and advertising too. Thus, we can’t avoid this theme too. However, there was one more powerful reason for us to create this collection.

Almost all our team members have home pets. Predominantly there are cats and dogs but extraordinary things happen, like a snail called Flash. Why are you so surprised? If there is a universe where a crocodile can be Loki,...

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