mortal kombat raiden torpedo attack doodle

Mortal Kombat Raiden Torpedo Attack Doodle

Prepare for battle, Mortal Kombat fans! This epic doodle gif features the electrifying Raiden performing his signature torpedo attack! With lightning crackling around him, Raiden charges headfirst into battle, ready to take on anyone who dares stand in his way. It’s no wonder that Raiden is one of the most popular characters in the game, with his lightning-fast moves and powerful attacks. So let’s give it up for Raiden and all the other warriors of Mortal Kombat as they battle for supremacy in the arena. Whether we’re performing fatalities or just duking it out in a heated match, Mortal Kombat always delivers the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. So let’s grab our controllers and get ready to fight!

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