Pusheen Collection

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Hello! Today we want to show you our new animated Pusheen gif collection. You may ask, why do I need this? I don’t even like cats. And here is the answer. You need these Pusheen doodle art sets if:

  • you don’t know how Pusheenicorn looks like
  • you’re thinking about having a cat
  • you don’t know how to bathe in a teacup

So, who Pusheen is? It’s the cat’s name and is an animated comix series about the life of the gray tabby cat. Pusheen was created by artists Claire Belton and Andrew Duff in May 2010. Began as a short comix series, and very soon the lovely cat moved to Facebook’s stickers category. The success was tremendous, charming Pusheen became a loved one by millions of people. After Facebook triumph’s, the cat decided to conquer Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. However, the Pusheens world doesn’t limit to one cat. She has a sister Stormy (they like to draw together), mom and dad, brother Pip,...

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