Neon Collection

neon dooles collection 2

Do you want to decorate your Chrome with something unique and really glowing? Or the lights of Las Vegas have always beckoned you? Then we have a brilliant solution for all your requests. It’s our neon doodle collection!

There is no person in the modern world, that hasn’t seen mesmerizing and bright neon signs. You can notice them everywhere – on TV, on the streets, in restaurants, bars, and hotels in advertising and animation. And finally, it’s time to decorate your Chrome extension with a cool neon gif too.

As this is not chemistry or a history class, we won’t overwhelm you with formulas and dates. Just the most exciting and entertaining facts about neon lights, and of course, awesome neon gifs.

The neon lights were first introduced in 1910 by French inventor Georges Claude. Since then they started their victorious march around the world, despite the fact that neon or noble gas is extremely rare in Earth’s atmosphere and all the neon lighting is handmade. By the way word...

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