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Music is everywhere! You can hear it on the radio, in the adverts, on TV, in computer games…e.t.c The list can be really long. Small babies are humming and even in the water flow or whistling wind, we can hear the melody. Hence, the idea to decorate your Chrome extension with awesome music gifs looks great! Especially if it’s animated doodles from the Custom Doodle crew!

There won’t be a traditional history lesson about the music’s history, because the music is very sensual and immense, to be classified. We just give some interesting briefs about these soul strings.
Melodic and rhythmic sounds always were in nature. So, prehistoric people began to notice them and copy them. Over time, when our far ancestors realized their feelings, like anger, fear, or love, they started to use some kind of rhythms or melodies to express those emotions. Furthermore, shamans and sorcerers used music to plunge into a trance. By the way, it explains some kind of magic influence of modern rhythmic music...

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