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Have you prepared your Christmas stockings for the holiday presents? Or were you naughty for the whole year and can only hope for a piece of coal? Don’t worry – you will have one of the best Christmas gifts with these Christmas doodles for Chrome. But first, you need to do something good, so Santa Claus will have a reason to put you on the nice list and give you the present. Christmas is almost here, but it’s never too late to be a good person. How about preparing cookies and some milk for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer? And while you’re making these sweet preparations, let us open a little of what you’ll get in this cute Christmas doodles collection.

Christmas is a holiday that celebrates all around the world. Initially, it’s based on the birthday of Jesus Christ. However, with time it got some transformations and became the one we have nowadays. Almost the same happened with the Santa Claus costume. It was green, purple, or...

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